Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Water Damaged Carpets

What is Secondary Damage?

When water is left to sit too long on carpets, it can cause mold growth quickly, also known as secondary damage. Call the experts at SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs/Tri-Lakes for immediate assistance after a water loss.

Mold Remediation Done Right in Monument

This Photo is a Monument to exemplify professional mold remediation in a utility closet. Moisture can build up, and microbial growth can ruin walls. Our SERVPRO techs can carefully demolish and remove the non-salvageable materials, clean up and apply an antifungal agent to the open wall cavities.

Tri-Lakes Mold Damaged Ceiling

Moisture buildup in a Tri-Lakes attic often leads to a mold problem as shown in this photo. Better insulation can limit the accumulation of dampness in the attic and thus take away the water source dormant mold spores require for developing. But, if you sense a mold problem, call SERVPRO for great remediation.

Mold Damage - Colorado Springs Bathroom

Mold damage was discovered at this Colorado Springs home in the bathroom. A tile had come loose and revealed the mold growth that existed. It takes very little time for mold growth to get a foothold. When moisture and darkness come together, mold often follows. As the photo shows, the mold colony had grown to cover a large space behind the tile.

What happens when you ignore a roof leak?

It doesn't go away by itself!  The mold damage in this photo started several months ago with a small roof leak.  The customer ignored the problem until it grew worse and as a result didn't get any insurance coverage.

Hidden Mold

A customer contacted us to report reoccurring mold on their bathroom ceiling.  No matter how much they cleaned it, it kept growing back in the same place.

When we demolished the sheetrock we discovered why.  The mold had grown deep into the sheetrock and kept reemerging because of the hyphae (root-like structures).  

In this photo you can observe how the mold has grown clear through to the other side of the sheetrock.

Poor air circulation can lead to mold

A property management customer called us to investigate a tenant complaint of mold on their family room ceiling.  It is very unusual for mold to grow in a place like that without water intrusion.

What we discovered was the home had no forced air and the tenant rarely opened the windows.  The steam from cooking caused condensation to build on the walls and ceiling leading to mold issues.  

After we remediated the mold we advised the tenant to start running their cooking exhaust vent fan - this simple measure may have prevented the mold from growing in the first place.

Tri-Lakes Moldy Crawl Space

When ventilation is stifled, mold can quickly gain a foothold and grow rampantly in a Tri-Lakes crawl space. Blasting with pressured ice pellets and then fogging with an antimicrobial product can remediate this problem. Ask SERVPRO about encapsulation.

Colorado Springs Mold Patch

Poor ventilation on this enclosed porch led to the build up of moisture, mold's best friend. The shiplap wall shows a mold patch spreading. By using approved chemicals, we eradicated the fungi from this area and suggested to the owner to place a small dehumidifier to control the RH, relative humidity on the porch to discourage future mold proliferation.