Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire and Smoke Damage Cleanup in Colorado Springs

Fire Damage in Colorado Springs, CO, Kitchen

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire that broke out in a home in Colorado Springs, CO. Our SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes experts quickly arrived at the scene and began the fire and smoke damage cleanup and restoration process!

Fire Damage - Colorado Springs Home

Fire damage at this Colorado Springs home left the bedroom of the house severely damaged and the bed totally destroyed. SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes industry certified technicians would clean up all the debris and dispose of it properly. All of the fire-damaged area items would be removed. The air would be treated with hydroxyl generators to return air quality to normal levels. Before we finished, it would seem “Like it never even happened.”

When Fires Strike SERVPRO is there

Sometimes unfortunate things just happen. A disastrous fire struck a home in Northern Colorado Springs that was out of the home owners control. Our team of trained professionals responded with care but with urgency to help give the home owners their lives back.

Fire and Smoke Problem--Tri-Lakes

The skillet blaze deposited a sooty, protein residue on the walls and ceiling of this Tri-Lake home. Luckily, the rapid extinguishing with a handy Type C device prevented damage to the entire structure. SERVPRO FST techs can wipe down the stains to prevent demolition and expensive reconstruction. Odor control, using a hydroxyl generator, can restore desired IAQ.

Fire destroys home in Divide

A client up in Divide left her stove unattended for a few minutes and by the time she came back it was too late, fire had set the entire kitchen ablaze.  The fire department managed to extinguish the fire but not before massive damage was done.

Monument Smoke Stained Bathroom

The fire in the attic of this Monument home caused by the short in the ceiling exhaust led to a dirty, sooty stained bathroom. SERVPRO crew members dried out the above area and wiped down the tiles and the tub. An hydroxyl generator helped to remove the odors from the fire.

Fire burns through roof

This kitchen fire grew so hot it burned a hole in the roof!  It is important after a fire to carefully inspect the beams to make sure they still maintain structural integrity.  

Air scrubbers help you breathe easy after fire damage

A customer who suffered a fire was really surprised how much soot and dust we pulled out of the "clean" air while working on cleaning up his fire damage.  This filter was installed inside on of the air scrubbers we used during the project.

Fire Damage in Widefield

The electrical short in the attic over this kitchen in Widefield caused significant fire damage. The cleanup of the insulation and other building elements are this fire the first step. Smoke removal and isolating the affected area of this house with plastic sheeting reduced cross-contamination during the work process. Get it done right with SERVPRO.

Tri-Lake Burnt Out House

Fire damage to this home started in the living room area where the renter was ironing (see the ironing board) and left it on and unattended. She returned to a smoke and fire damaged home. The landlord called us in for the fire and smoke cleanup and restoration