Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Colorado Springs Water Loss

A burst plumbing line can soak the insulation and gypsum board quickly leaving a mess and a safety hazard. Whether the water damage is in Colorado Springs or th... READ MORE

Water Damage in Palmer Lake

Water heaters are notorious for causing flooding, or at least inconvenient water damage to many homes in Palmer Lake. The Before Photo illustrates the failed co... READ MORE

Water Damaged Bedroom In Colorado Springs

A water damage crisis occurred at a residential property in Colorado Springs. Our team at SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes quickly responded to ... READ MORE

Dehumidifying Mitigated Water Damage in Colorado Springs

The leakage from the plumbing in this Colorado Springs kitchen was caught early by the homeowner. The trapped moisture behind the wall necessitated the temporar... READ MORE

Kitchen Sink - Pipe Burst

A loose water supply line to this kitchen sink broke unexpectedly. Luckily the customer was home at the time and was able to shut off the water at the main. W... READ MORE

Laminated Flooring Gets Wet

This laminated flooring in a dental office in Colorado Springs was covered with water that soaked into the joints overnight. The management company was concerne... READ MORE

Water Damage – Colorado Springs Hotel

Water damage at the pictured Colorado Springs Hotel was caused when a fire sprinkler system failed overnight. An enormous quantity of water spilled onto the bar... READ MORE