Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Downed Tree in Colorado Springs Post Storm

Not all storm-damage is water related. When a two-ton section of a tree lands on a framed structure, whether in Colorado Springs or somewhere else, the destruct... READ MORE

Monsoon rain floods Manitou Springs Crawlspace

Back in August when the Pike's Peak region was inundated with afternoon rainstorms, a customer of ours in Manitou Springs got a nasty surprise in her crawlspace... READ MORE

Storm Damage in A Palmer Lake Home

A storm left this Palmer Lake residential home with a substantial amount of water damage. Our SERVPRO crew scoped out the affected area and came up with a resto... READ MORE

Storm floods crawlspace in Colorado Springs

A client called us saying he had a mystery on his hands. His wife was complaining of a musty smell that had been persisting for about a month. He contacted us... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Colorado Springs

Storm damage at this Colorado Springs home that was undergoing a major remodeling job left a great deal of standing water throughout the house. SERVPRO of North... READ MORE

Storm Damage Affects Rooms in Colorado Springs

The storm breached the roof, and a large quantity of rainwater ruined the ceiling and drywall in this Colorado Springs home. Our SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Sp... READ MORE

Storm Damage Water Removal – Colorado Springs Retail Store

Storm Damage to this Colorado Springs store left significant standing water in the building. There was also a lot of damage to the interior wallboard and the st... READ MORE